We’re designing the future of work

Asana has a bold, audacious mission: we want to make teamwork effortless, smart, and beautiful for every team. Our design team of brand, and product designers are at the heart of that mission.

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We’re changing how teams work together

At Asana, we’re building a place where everything from the most immediate details to the big picture are organized. With Asana, each person knows what they should be doing and why. This clarity, transparency, and focus allows teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.

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Our Design Team

We have a talented team of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. It’s this unique blend that helps us design products for teams to be more productive, and work more efficiently.

Nicolle Matson headshot
Nicolle Matson

Product Design Manager

Paul Velleux headshot
Paul Velleux

Product Designer

Philina Fan headshot
Philina Fan

Product Designer

Hannah Swann headshot
Hannah Swann

Brand Designer

Devin Jacoviello headshot
Devin Jacoviello

Brand Designer

Zach Miller headshot
Zach Miller

Brand Design Manager

Maya Ealey headshot
Maya Ealey

Brand Designer

Mat Stevens headshot
Mat Stevens

Product Designer

Greg Lilley headshot
Greg Lilley

Product Designer

Steph Marden headshot
Steph Marden

Design Producer

Matt Riley headshot
Matt Riley

Brand Designer

Greg Elzerman headshot
Greg Elzerman

Motion Designer

Adam Butler headshot
Adam Butler

Product Designer

Anna Hurley headshot
Anna Hurley

Brand Designer

Matt Bond headshot
Matt Bond

Product Design Manager

Amanda Buzard headshot
Amanda Buzard

Brand Designer

Micah Fenner headshot
Micah Fenner

Product Designer

Tyson Kallberg headshot
Tyson Kallberg

Head of Design

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Unveiling the future of Asana

In this video, Asana cofounder Justin Rosenstein will present our multi-year vision for the future of work.